Welcome to the Wheelchair Shop

At The Wheelchair Shop, we consider every wheelchair to be a custom chair. Whether it is a simple chair for occasional use or a complex power chair you'll depend upon everyday, we will take time to make sure that it fits properly and will meet your specific needs. We offer planar seating, modular contoured seating, custom molded systems and everything in between. We provide services to persons of all ages and diagnoses.

Our attitude about seating can be summed in a few words:

Every Body is different, and their wheelchair should be too!

A Note About Our Logo
Our logo was created by Nancy Rice, who is a wheelchair user, in hopes that it would help convey the image of fluid movement and grace that she associates with wheeled mobility.
Wheelchair Shop Logo created by Nancy Rice Every wheelchair should be as unique as the person using it, be fitted to their body and designed to enhance their ability to function in everyday life.

The old-fashioned stick figure in a squared-off seat just isn't true any more.


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